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The Electro Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) is designed and manufactured with damper automation and safety systems that enable our customers to improve their performance while lowering their total installation and running costs. Flowbus Corporation’s innovative engineering skills have given us the necessary knowledge to design electro hydraulic power units (HPU) as per the customer’s demand. The type of HPU having innovative valve actuator technology can be equipped with hydraulic supply units and PLC control systems. In addition, this instrumentation can control the adapted valves of several valve groups and diverter dampers in the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) or bypass stack application.


  • Internal Control, Monitoring and Transferring Signals to the Main Control Room
    by Using a Programmable Controller (PLC)
  • One Stope Solution; Commissioning, Service, and Installation of Interconnecting Cables
  • Local Control Panel for Indication of Operating Modes
  • Bus System Communications
  • Integrated Control and Monitoring
  • NEMA 4X / IP65
  • Custom Engineering Service

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