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The EPT Series heavy duty scotch yoke actuators are designed for rotary on-off or modulating duty, and can be provided with either symmetrical or canted torque output to suit the duty requirements of the valve. They have been certified to meet SIL 3, 4 ratings in accordance with IEC 61508/61511, which will support plant operations under safety instrumentation systems. The EPT series actuator utilizes both PTFE and rubber seals. The PTFE seal offers a high level of sealing performance and is self-lubricating providing superior wear resistance and extends the life of all sealing components. Specially designed dowel pins in the main actuator main module ensure simple and accurate alignment of models when assembling the actuator or performing maintenance.


  • Reliable Heavy Duty Design
  • Pneumatic Air Pressure up to 12bar (170psig)
  • Torque Range 398 N.m(3,682inch-lbs) to 800,000 N.m (7,088,000 inch-lbs)
  • Symmetric and Canted Scotch Yoke Mechanism
  • External Tie Rods for Protection the Cylinder Tube
  • Wear and Corrosion Resistance
  • Advanced Sealing Compounds
  • Suitable for Severe Applications

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