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The EEHA Series is reliable and robust electro hydraulic actuators equipped with ball, butterfly, plug and industry valves. It enables remote control of valves on demand. The compact electro hydraulic actuator is specifically designed with a compact rack and pinion configuration in offshore, marine, vessel, ballast, ballast water treatment and onshore applications. The complete system solutions of electro hydraulic actuators developed by Flowbus provide advantages of easy and economical installation and reliability to customers. The EEHA Series is equipped with a local control panel (LCP) inside which enables detection of the full open/full close position or calibration. In addition, lower power consumption ensure high efficiency.


  • Integrated Self-Contained system
  • Compact Rack & Pinion Design
  • Protection Class IP67 or IP68
  • Local and Remote Operation
  • Mechanical Locking Device
  • Versatile Micro Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Multiple Communication Protocols
  • Certified DNV GL

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