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EPR Series actuators feature a compact Rack & Pinion and modern Scotch Yoke mechanisms. The extruded aluminum body incorporates an advanced, hard anodizing treatment on the internal and external surfaces and the body can also be provided in a number of optional finishes including PTFE coated, electroless nickel plated, and a variety of polyester power coated colors for durability increase and corrosion protection. EPR Series actuators comply with the latest ISO5211 valve interface standards for optimum strength, standardized dimensions and direct mounting, and the NAMUR international interface standards to enable efficient and accurate assembly of automated packages. To reduce installation space and increase flexibility, the housing length is identical for both spring return and double acting actuators.


  • Extremely compact and modern design
  • Pneumatic Air Pressure up to 8bar (100psig)
  • Torque range 4.4 N.m (38.6 inch-lbs) to 5,877 N.m (52,003 inch-lbs)
  • Rack and Pinion, Scotch Yoke Mechanism
  • Extruded Aluminum Body
  • Wide Range of Torque Outputs
  • Corrosion Protection

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