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The rack & pinion EHA hydraulic actuators offer the most reliable and compact solutions under the harsh environments. Flowbus is able to make the EHA a high quality, reliable actuator, utilizing tried and tested methods of operation combined with the latest innovations in technology. The EHA actuators can provide 120˚, 135˚ and 180˚ angles on the double acting configuration, and additional angles are available upon customer’s request. The low friction, corrosion resistance internal coating is applied to ensure perfect operation of the internal components while the heavy duty construction and external coating protect the actuators from corrosive environments. The various springs are capable of providing the optimal selection for valve positioning to reduce installation space and increase flexibility.


  • Reliable and Compact Hydraulic Actuators
  • Hydraulic Pressure up to 210bar (3,045 psig)
  • Torque range 10 N.m(893 inch-lbs) to 4,147 N.m(36, 704inch-lbs)
  • Optimum for Harsh Environments
  • Latest Design Technologies applied
  • Advanced Rack and Pinion Mechanism
  • Wear and Corrosion Resistance
  • Multi-Turn Actuators ranging from 120˚ to 180˚

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